Create custom solutions to manage complex scheduling and optimization tasks.

Off the shelf software is too inflexible

There are a number of specialty logistics software systems that provide specific solutions. If your business doesn’t fit their target vertical or your requirements don’t fit their feature list you are stuck.

Tailor your solution to your exact needs

Umajin Software Factory provides powerful and flexible logistics capabilities. These prebuilt capabilities can be configured for individual challenges. However, as all these individual solutions have a shared basis, you can unify assets of different types across the organization solving scheduling, optimization and workflow tasks.

Core Capabilities

Smartphone GPS Tracking

This comes in the form of an Android or Apple app that can be setup for user control, or locked down for compliance. This delivers high performance background tracking, with low power usage to ensure your device does not constantly run out of battery. This app solves the challenge of 24/7 secure tracing of people while allowing for personal privacy. The app also keeps GPS data logs even when users are offline and updates the system when back online.

Geofencing for Outdoor

Umajin allows large volumes of real-time GPS and ground enhanced GPS data to be checked if it falls inside a Geofence. Umajin Geofences support thresholding to reduce errors with variable GPS readings. This means assets in the field can be easily found, routed and scheduled with future estimations based on current velocity.

Driving Workflow with Location

Workflow involves tracking and scheduling a series of tasks which are triggered by rules and events. The Umajin Workflow system ensures that only important events are raised, making it much easier to focus on what’s important and deliver meaningful improvements to efficiency. The location engine also protects privacy where tracked objects are outside the time or location window. For example vehicle trackers can be set to not send location when in safe zones or outside working hours.

High volume transactions turned into actions

The spatial transaction engine can crunch high volumes of both indoor and outdoor location data, from many assets, in real time, serving up sparse actionable data thanks to points of interest.  This turns an overwhelming data problem into a very manageable report of meaningful changes.

Device support

Umajin supports a wide range of modern IOT devices and sensors. For example; indoor/outdoor trackers from AmoSense like the T2 Logistics Tracker. Cellular GPS devices from CoreKinect like their TankTrack and Verizon’s Critical Asset Sensor.