Location Services

Spatial tools for managing and controlling distributed assets

Complex location problems have been very hard to solve

The world is full of location systems and location enabled devices which have the ability to generate massive streams of location data. However, many organisations are struggling to create effective solutions because of the range of data formats, the volume of data and the complexity of location systems.

Umajin Location Services simplify the creation of spatial applications

Umajin Location Services has a spatial transaction engine and a suite of spatial tools that can be assembled into unique location solutions. These powerful, pre-built capabilities drastically reduce the time to deliver robust solutions.

Asset Tracking

Create custom solutions to locate, track and monitor your assets. Location data for assets can be collected by many different types of technologies e.g. fleet tracking systems, applications on smartphones, indoor location systems and IoT sensors. Umajin’s spatial transaction engine is able to unify disparate data sets and simplify interactions by transforming their location into a flexible point of interest (POI).


Create custom solutions to manage complex scheduling and optimization tasks. Umajin allows large volumes of realtime GPS and ground enhanced GPS data to be checked if it falls inside a Geofence. Umajin Geofences support thresholding to reduce errors with variable GPS readings. This means assets in the field can be easily found, routed and scheduled.

Personnel Location

Pinpoint the whereabouts of your most critical assets. With the Indoor Location solution, even large spaces can be setup in just days without any equipment being installed. The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas scanned and configured 1000 rooms a day. Staff can press their call button at any time and be located even in very complex multi story spaces. Call buttons also support contact tracing and regulatory tracking.


Umajin supports a wide range of both 2D and 3D map technologies. Including, Google Maps, Google Earth, open street maps and multilayer custom tilesets. Umajin also supports 3D building CAD data and 3D photometric scans of buildings. Umajin has a unique capability of translating GPS to illustrative map locations (think NYC subway maps)