Personnel Location

Pinpoint the whereabouts of your most critical assets

The challenge of location inside multistory buildings

Locating people inside large, complex buildings is hard. Traditional systems struggle to perform accurately, sometimes missing by a number of rooms, even worse identifying the wrong floor! This can have serious consequences if the user is requesting assistance. Many systems also require significant installation of hardware to operate, adding additional time, cost and complexity. 

Accurate location inside the most complex indoor spaces

Umajin has built a solution that can locate people inside complex buildings to a very high degree of accuracy. The solution can work without any additional installation if the building has existing Wi-Fi coverage. It’s easy to add additional BLE in areas with low density of RF.  The result is each location is surveyed, creating a unique fingerprint for each room or major space on your property. Even large buildings can be set up and surveyed in just days. The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas scanned and configured 1000 rooms a day.  Alongside our partner, PwC, the solution has been installed into Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, MGM and Wynn hotels.

Core Capabilities

Complex indoor spaces

Because of how the solution works, it is ideally suited for complex indoor spaces. In fact the more complex the space, the more unique the fingerprint it creates for location detection.

Site survey tool

The solution is set up and configured using a portable scanning rig. The system doesn’t require physical installation of equipment, but rather each location is electronically surveyed, creating a unique fingerprint for each room or major space on your property. This fingerprint is created from existing Wi-Fi traffic you have already working in your building.

Call button

The solution is designed to work with a lightweight wearable button with a double trigger to prevent accidental activation.  The button can be used to call for assistance or support in many use cases from students, hospital workers, managed care facilities and hotel cleaners.

Location service

Anytime a button is triggered, Umajin calculates the location and sends an alert to a customer dashboard. The customer can configure additional alerts via emails or SMS.

Convenient form factor

Umajin works with a range of hardware devices including the AmoSense ATOZ. This call button can be integrated into a key fob or an ID badge. These form factors are light, functional and inconspicuous, ensuring it is always there when needed. The ID badge provides double duty as call button and identification security including integrated RFID.

Contact tracing and regulatory requirements

The Umajin firmware running on the active personnel location devices is capable of broadcasting a unique rotating ID using Bluetooth Low Energy around 20 meters.  This ping can be detected by other users cards allowing a database of any personnel contacts to be stored for a designated time.  This list of time stamped contacts makes retroactive contact tracing very straightforward.  This same rotating ID broadcast system can also be used for hands free regulatory record keeping with a low cost Umajin fixed BLE gateway.  This location ID data can be used to track access to secure areas, use of handwashing stations, access to sterile manufacturing spaces and infectious hospital wards to name a few.

Umajin also provides a low cost passive RFID option for contact tracing. This uses long range RFID tags inside a standard credit card form factor. The locations need to have our low cost long range RFID readers installed at entrances and exits. These readers need 12v power and will batch up and send data using the locations WiFi. These cards can be worn on a lanyard or carried in pockets, but not in a wallet with other cards.