Asset Tracking

Create custom solutions to locate, track and monitor your assets

Lots of systems, lots of promises… 

There are so many different types of assets, different environments and different asset tracking use cases. There are a plethora of systems, all with different capabilities and software processes. The challenge is how to bring these together into a coherent solution that meets the needs of your business.

Tailor your solution to your exact needs

Umajin Software Factory provides powerful and flexible asset tracking capabilities. These prebuilt capabilities can be configured for individual challenges. However, as all these individual solutions have a shared basis, you can unify assets of different types across the organization solving access, readiness and condition of all your assets.

Core Capabilities

Indoor & outdoor location

Umajin is able to provide accurate asset tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments. But more importantly it can unify these systems together to provide a seamless indoor/outdoor tracking solution.

Complex indoor spaces

During the setup phase, indoor locations are electronically surveyed, creating a unique Wi-Fi fingerprint for each room or major space on your property. Because of how the solution works, it is ideally suited for complex indoor spaces. In fact the more complex the space, the more unique the fingerprint it creates for location detection.

Variable tracking frequency

Depending on the use case, you can tailor the frequency of which your assets are located, tracked and/or monitored. Critical assets might need to be tracked in real time, others just once a day and some only need to report when they move.

More than just location

Your solution doesn’t just have to report location. Add additional sensors depending on the use case; temperature, humidity, level, machine vision, etc.. This additional data can all be reported back to your asset management systems helping determine their condition and readiness.

Device support

Umajin supports a wide range of modern IOT devices and sensors. For example; indoor/outdoor trackers from AmoSense like the T2 Logistics Tracker and room scale RFID tracking from Impinj.