Umajin works with a range of Location Partners to bring industry leading solutions to market.

Solution Integrators

PwC Connected Solutions deliver end-to-end IoT solutions from strategy through execution. Umajin has partnered with PwC to deliver Personnel Location and Asset Tracking solutions to the hospitality industry including some of the worlds largest hotel brands.

Orion ConnectX is a consultancy that brings emerging technologies to market, with a special focus on IoT and connected solutions. Umajin has worked with Orion in verticals of agriculture, hospitality and logistics

Device Partners

AmoSense has a focus on making IoT devices with low power and wireless support. Umajin supports a range of AmoSense devices including; ATOZ ID cards, T2 Asset trackers

Impinj has developed an overhead RFID reader which can constantly scan all of the passive RFID tags in a room, providing real time inventory information.

CoreKinetic has a specialty in IoT sensors for logistics and tracking. 

Verizon has an IoT device with GPS and cellular connectivity for tracking outdoor assets. supply a wide, flexible product range of Bluetooth beacons and Bluetooth Gateways